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Gluten Free Brown Ale

Gluten Free Brown Ale

With Winter rolling in, our brewers have got the craving for a dark and malty beer. And what better way to spend a cold evening than next to a fireplace with a gluten free brown ale?

Why Off The Hook?

Brown threads and creamy head makes us think of groovy 70s disco vibes - this gluten free brown ale is "Off the Hook". 

How does it taste?

Saying "Brown Ale" is a lot like saying "Red Wine", it describes the colour and type of drink, but nothing more. There are many different takes on the style, whether it's a Belgian Brun, an Old English Brown, or a modern American craft beer. We've landed somewhere in between them all - with the malt forward style of an English brown, slightly amped up hop bitterness of a modern American craft brown, and the higher abv that you might expect from a Belgian Brun. The result - an AIBA Gold medal winning beer!

The only thing brown and beige about this beer is the colour. Sweet roasted malts, balanced against a mild bitterness of East Kent Golding hops take your taste buds straight to the light up dance floor. Bright stone fruit notes, deep nutty and toffee flavours, and a mellow bitterness keep the taste bud party groovin’. It is even wearing a Gold medallion from the 2024 Australian International Beer Awards!

Where can I buy it?

As with all our limited releases, the best place to buy is your local independent bottle shop. If they don't have it already, you can ask them to bring in a few cartons for you. Alternatively, we can ship it straight to your door if you buy online.

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