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Coeliac Australia Endorsed
Coeliac Australia Endorsed
Independent Beer
Independent Beer
Kosher Certified
Kosher Certified

Gluten Free Beer

Whether you miss heading to the pub with friends, or cracking a tinnie with family, we're brewing great gluten free beer that's safe for all to enjoy – without compromise. 

In order to journey through a new world of beer that everyone can explore, we built a dedicated gluten free brewery. And it's not just about accessing quality beer, it's about the whole experience; from the flavour to the look, feel and smell – and not forgetting great company to share it in.

We believe that nobody over the age of 18 in Australia should have to miss out on tasting this experience, which is why we have two gluten free beer brands; our TWØBAYS craft beer range launched in December 2018 and our GFB easy-drinking range launched in September 2021. Both offer great gluten free beer for everyone. 

Proudly situated in Dromana amongst Victoria's great Mornington Peninsula breweries, we are Australia's first dedicated gluten free Brewery and Taproom

Mornington Peninsula Brewery and Taproom

In December 2018, we opened Australia's first dedicated gluten free brewery and craft beer Taproom in Dromana, on Victoria's Mornington Peninsula. Our proximity to Melbourne’s CBD makes for only a short trip to experience the best gluten free craft beers that Mornington Peninsula’s breweries have to offer.

Pouring up to eleven gluten free beers – brewed metres from the taps – we're proud to offer a new world of flavour for everyone to explore in paddles, pots or schooners at our Mornington Peninsula Brewery and Taproom.

We also serve wood-fired gluten free pizzas, local cider and wine, and soft drinks – and the fridge is always stocked for you to explore our cans and cartons at home.

We were thrilled to win Tripadvisor's Best of The Best Hidden Gem award for 2022. We look forward to having you for a beer soon!

Our Story

Richard Jeffares loved craft beer until he was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease in 2015. On a strict gluten free diet, he couldn’t find the quality and variety of craft beer he’d fallen in love with in Australia. He feared he’d never explore a tasting paddle with mates again.

On a road trip through America in 2017, Richard discovered breweries crafting gluten free beer that was just as good – if not better – than the beers he remembered.

He returned home inspired and opened TWØBAYS Brewing Co in 2018. For those who avoid gluten across Australia, TWØBAYS gives you great tasting, various style gluten free beer, that is now available across the country in bottle shops, venues and in the dedicated gluten free, Mornington Peninsula Brewery.

In 2024 the brewery has been recognised as the best in the World for gluten free beer taking out top spot at the World Beer Cup.


Guys, what you are doing is amazing. For the first time in my life I can drink good quality beer.

– Ollie

Super super excited to recieve this mixed slab for my husband for his birthday :) He has loved this beer since he found it and it so makes a difference that he can have a literal beer with the boys that tastes amazing and so so fresh and not always have to have an alternative!

- Abbey

I was really impressed with your XPA, hence I've since placed a second order! I like my beer, and I was recently diagnosed with coeliac and have been on a quest since (after initially giving up on the beer flavour journey) to find **paletable** GF options. There isn't much around, but your XPA is a champion - GF aside. It is fragrant, fruity and full of flavour!


My wife and I passed through one day and you and your wife gave us a quick tour of the factory - we were travelling down from Sydney. I love your beer, thank you from one Coeliac to another for keeping my love of beer alive! 


Not only is this the best GF beer out there, it's literally the best beer you'll have ever had. Well done guys. It's become a staple in my fridge and if anyone asks what my favourite beer is, this is it.


Hands down the best gluten free beer I’ve ever tasted. That was the first time in my life (not exaggerating) that I finally got to taste the difference between beer varieties and absolutely loved it! I had a lot of fun reading about the flavours on your website and then trying each.


I was diagnosed a Coeliac in 2014 and have been searching for quality beers ever since. With the exception of a couple of overseas products I found in my travels - most of the locally available products have been disappointing. I was delighted when I discovered the Two Bays pale ale - and am looking forward to trying the other brews starting this evening following your prompt delivery.


I became Coeliac 10 years ago. I loved craft beer before it became popular and before I was diagnosed. I almost never write reviews.
I’ve drunk every GF beer I can get my hands on.
This is the best GF beer I’ve had, bar none. The second best is their Pale Ale.
Even my wife who is a self confessed craft beer snob and IPA devotee (and not coeliac) says this is good! Not good for a GF beer, just good as an IPA.
Thanks TwoBays!


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