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TWØBAYS fresh new look hitting beer fridges

TWØBAYS fresh new look hitting beer fridges

At TWØBAYS Brewing Co, we are working hard to reach as many of the 6,000,000 Aussies who need to, or choose to, avoid gluten as possible.

TWØBAYS is the go-to choice for gluten free beer lovers, but has something in the range that everyone can enjoy, gluten free or not. Our recent packaging updates are designed to move forward the conversation about gluten free beers – this is great tasting beer crafted from malted ancient grains which happen to be naturally gluten free, so everyone can enjoy them!

What has changed?

Gluten Free Lager current canGluten Free Lager new can

Standing out

  • Colour pop for greater shelf presence - The wave pattern and “Ancient Grains” on neck now matches SKU colour.
  • Consumers shop the beer category by style so we have reduced the amount of descriptor text, leaving more space for the beer style.

Celebrating alternative gluten free malts

  • Crafted from malted ancient grains
  • Naturally Gluten Free

While the design changes are subtle, we hope to help more beer lovers discover just how good beers brewed with alternative gluten free grains can be. The malts we use are different to most of the other 650+ breweries in Australia and we want everyone to enjoy them.

The new look cans are already starting to hit beer fridges in bars and bottle shops right across Australia. 


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