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What is a Gluten Free Cold IPA?

What is a Gluten Free Cold IPA?

Forever on a mission to bring more choice and exceptional quality to gluten free beer lovers across Australia, we have created yet another Aussie first – a gluten free Cold IPA, brewed with blue corn malt – and it’s delicious!

What is a Cold IPA anyway?

All beers should be cold, right? Yes, but in this case “Cold” is in reference to the brewing method.

Cold IPAs are the delicious and refreshing love child of West Coast IPAs and European style Lagers – featuring bold hoppy aromas, relatively high IBU (bitterness), and a clean, refreshing finish, making these beers both delicious and sessionable.

We have used an IPA style malt bill and hop profile with a lager yeast strain which is fermented at a much lower temperature than a typical IPA - hence COLD.

Why Use Blue Corn?

There are so many gluten free malts to explore in brewing, we just want to try them all. Through trials and test batches, we have found corn has been a good addition in helping improve body and mouth feel when used in combination with other gluten free malts.

Blue Corn Malt

Is the beer blue?

Although the wort does have a blueish tinge when it is first transferred to the fermentor, fortunately once it has had time to settle and ferment the blue colour drops out with the rest of the sediment leaving a delicious beer, that looks like a regular beer. We’ve combined with Vienna Millet Malt which gives the beer a beautiful light copper finish.

Blue Steel Cold IPA

Where can I get it?

Head over to our TWØBAYS beer page and you can order it direct from us. Or if you prefer to shop in store, the best place to pick up any limited release beer is your local independent bottle shop. If they don’t already stock it, just ask and they can order it in for you.

Cheers to more choice in gluten free beer!

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