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Changing the face of gluten free beer for four years

Changing the face of gluten free beer for four years

Every four years, there is a US Presidential election, a FIFA World Cup and an extra day in the Gregorian Calendar. 

As we celebrate our fourth birthday, we'll take a moment to reflect on the journey over the last four years – and we're extremely proud and grateful to say that, along with our clan of TWØBAYS supporters, we're changing the face of gluten free beer in Australia. 

We're still the only dedicated gluten brewery with a taproom in the country – the only venue across the country for those who avoid gluten to safely enjoy a wide range of beers direct from the source. 

But we're far more than just a hospitality venue. With 2,000 national and independent bottle shops and venues, covering every Australian state, now stocking our core range, seasonal and speciality beers – on taps and in fridges – we are also Australia’s largest independent gluten free brewery. 


“I still pinch myself every day,” says founder and CEO Richard Jeffares, who dreamt up the idea after being diagnosed with Coeliac Disease in 2015 and travelling to the US for a taste of the global-leading gluten free market. 

“Four years on from hurriedly opening our roller doors after all the necessary approvals, we are so proud to sit at the bar and sip a great-tasting beer while contemplating our two brands, six core range beers, two seasonal beers and the 15 speciality beers we’ve released across the country, let alone the 60 beers we’ve kegged at the Taproom.” 

“Add 41 beer medals (including 8 golds), Xero Small Business of the Year in FY22, top five ranked Australian gluten free beers on Untappd, collaboration beers with a major Aussie band and an Olympian, the first and second-ever global gluten free beer tap takeovers – and a mountain of gluten free pizza – and I think we can say that we’ve shifted the dial on gluten free beer in this country – all during a global pandemic!” 

In 2021, we released our second brand, GFB, to cater for the Aussies who avoid gluten but are not interested in craft beer (or at least not to begin with!). The first beer for this brand might be a classic, easy-drinking draught beer, but it won a gold medal at the Australian International Beer Awards – to add to three silver medals – this year. 


To really test the potential of the ancient malts, we were the first gluten free brewery in Australia to release a sour beer and the first in the world to pack an XPA; with a nitro almond milk porter, double IPAs and quinoa Saisons among the beers that have been kegged in the Taproom. We're even selling a Pulp Fusion Passionfruit Sour slushy this summer. 

“It’s essential to us that we try and cater for as many people as possible – and that we push the gluten free market boundaries as far as we can – we believe everyone deserves to enjoy a beer on any occasion,” says Jeffares. 

“I love all these awards and accolades, but the biggest kick for me is still to see the face of someone who has not tasted great beer – or their favourite style of beer – for a long time, or sometimes ever!”  

“At gluten free expos or tap takeovers, we get to see how much it means to someone to be able to enjoy exploring beer with friends again. It means we don’t have to miss out on social occasions or feel left out because we can only drink wine, cider or spirits. Just because you have to – or choose to – avoid gluten, doesn’t mean you should have to put up with a narrower choice or poorer quality.” 

Over the last four years, we have also been nominated as an Indies Champion National Medium Brewery finalist, won a handful of hospitality awards, won deals with national and independent stockists across the country and we've undergone two major tank upgrades. 

Time for another drink! 

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