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Raise a glass to gluten free and vegan friendly beer with TwoBays Brewing Co!

Everybody has a gluten free friend – and a vegan friend!

By Simon Hall, Messy Veggies

TWØBAYS Brewing Co is Australia’s first dedicated Gluten Free Brewery, which also happens to be vegan friendly. Opening to the public in December 2018 the brewery is the first of its kind with not one ounce of gluten to be found, yet offering patrons nine different beers on tap.

The brewery was was the brainchild of Richard Jeffares who, when diagnosed as a coeliac in 2015, thought it was the end of his craft beer drinking days. But after traveling to the United States and discovering the dedicated gluten free taprooms and brewpubs, he was inspired to bring it back to Australia.

"It’s great to see the faces of the people who haven’t had a great beer in a long time"

The beer brewed here is designed to be one for everyone to enjoy. Gluten free or not, the beers are special at TWØBAYS. Its mission to brew with naturally gluten free grains, and create unique and delicious beer that stands up against craft brews in Melbourne around the world, was the perfect challenge for Head Brewer Andrew Gow. After 20 years of experience at Mornington Peninsula Brewery and Mountain Goat, the brewer took on the role and has produced a number of beers that stack up against some of the best beers in town.

TWØBAYS gluten free beer is brewed with Millet, Buckwheat, and Rice; malted in North America and imported to Australia. The release of their first packaged beer was the Pale Ale, which is canned. Removing the single-use glass from production, also incorporating the marine-safe, 100% recyclable beer holders for your four packs. The beer sold over 150 cases in the first few hours after release and it hasn’t slowed down since.

But craft beer is not just about the beer, it’s also experiencing the taproom culture and atmosphere. The TWØBAYS taproom has tasting paddles on offer, where you can try the variety of seasonal beers and the core brews. They also offer pizzas, because you can’t drink beer without a slice, right?

With three different vegan pizza options on a gluten-free base of course, with melty vegan cheese, its the perfect place to take your gluten free friends. We all have one, and it just happens that the author of this article is also.

From personal experience, I missed having the options available in the beer world. No brown ales, Saisons, hoppy IPA’s to be found. But TWØBAYS have changed what gluten free beer is, with an outstanding offering of quality brews.

The Saison, in particular, is on par with some of the great brewers around the world.

Where to find it:

Currently, Victoria has the cans of Pale Ale available, which you can find at Blackhearts and Sparrow, Grape & Grain and at venues including Stomping Ground, Ale House, and Mount Erica Hotel, to name a few.

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