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Single Malt And Single Hop Gluten Free Beer!

Single Malt And Single Hop Gluten Free Beer!

For one in four people in Australia*, beer is complicated enough. Having to – or choosing to – avoid gluten is painful, and navigating the often confusing world of gluten free beer can even induce thirst...

With us, it’s pretty simple. All our beer is gluten free and safe for anyone with Coeliac disease, gluten intolerances, or dietary lifestyle choices.

Our lastes limited edition release beer simplifies things again, taking on the well-known craft beer Single Malt and Single Hop (SMASH) approach to a Pale Ale. 

This is the second SMASH beer released in cans, following the excitement of the November 2020 SMASH, which featured the highly anticipated Eclipse hop.  

SMASH #2 is a Pale Ale style, with a slightly coppery amber hue thanks to the Vienna Millet Malt it is brewed with. Citra, the hero hop creates tropical and stone fruit flavours; passionfruit, stone fruit, grapefruit, lychee and peach. 

“Citra was the first new world hop to have a huge impact on the craft beer scene,” says head brewery Kristian Martin. 

"And featuring it on a naked Vienna Millet base in a single malt and single hop beer really showcases those beautiful flavours.”  

Gluten Free Beer Single Malt Single Hop Pale Ale Millet

“Session and Pale Ale lovers will enjoy this beer – it’s hopped more aggressively than the Pale Ale, but the lower abv (than XPA and IPA) suits Citra’s light profile.”  

“IPAs are not the only way to celebrate hops – this beer celebrates light hop flavours while the weather is still warm.”  

“Vienna malt offers more colour than pale millet, providing balanced character and maltiness. Millet is the malt most like barley – which is traditionally used in a SMASH beer – and our new release really celebrates those light malty flavours.” 

Released in cans and kegs, SMASH #2 was poured at "Free the Taps" TWØBAYS tap takeovers right across Australia in March for Coeliac awareness, and cans hitting the shelves of independent bottle shops and venue bar fridges at the same time. 

Gluten Free Beer Single Malt Single Hop Pale Ale Can Schooner

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