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Gluten Free Beer at Australian stadiums: Melbourne's MCG

Gluten Free Beer at Australian stadiums: Melbourne's MCG

Visitors to the iconic MCG can now enjoy an indie beer for the first time, with our gluten free beer Pale Ale in all fridges at Melbourne Cricket Ground bars.

Beer and a pie at the footy. How Australian. Except for those, like us, who don’t drink ‘mainstream’ beer. 

Sure, it’s naturally gluten free (or a millet-based Pale Ale as some prefer it), but most importantly, footy, cricket and music fans can now barrack for independent beer while getting into the live action. 

Pale Ale at the MCG Live football and gluten free beer

Capital Brewing Co stormed the Sydney Olympic Stadium in 2022, Gage Roads have filled cups at Optus Stadium since 2018, and now, finally, independent beer is flowing at the MCG, thanks to the team for putting us on.

The MCG’s decision to put our Pale Ale into the fridges won’t just excite indie beer supporters, but the gluten free community is delighted that they too can share a beer with friends at a game, or concert, and not feel like they are missing out anymore!

We exclusively brew with naturally gluten free grains like millet, buckwheat and rice, offering a safe and enjoyable beer for the growing population of people in Australia who avoid gluten.

Winning a gold medal at the 2020 Indies, the millet-based Pale Ale is an easy-drinking American-style beer, hopped with Citra and Cascade.

“The product TWØBAYS delivers is world class,” says Luke Darcy, owner of the Melbourne Public and former AFL star who was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease more than 20 years ago.

“It stands up next to any beer behind the bar. To be able to knock off after a game and actually have a beer is great. It's not the occasion for a glass of wine – you want a cold beer.”

“A big portion 100,000 people at the MCG would be gluten free. To sit there with a gluten free beer changes the whole experience; it’s a bit of rite of passage. We’re really excited to be able do that now.”

Richard Jeffares and Luke Darcy outside Australian Stadium MCG with Football and Gluten Free Beer Pale Ale

“The independent beer seal has always been really important to me and to TWØBAYS,” said Richard Jeffares. “It says something about the passion and creativity that has gone into making the beer, and the brewery’s focus on supporting their community – whether that’s the local community, or in our case the gluten free community”

“To have indie beer stocked at such an institution as the MCG is really exciting for craft beer drinkers who want to support a local independently owned, family run brewery. I got into the industry because I found a gap in the market for the full craft beer experience after being diagnosed with Coeliac disease in 2015. So being a big Geelong fan, I’m in my element enjoying a gluten free pie with an indie beer (that happens to be gluten free!) while watching live footy at the G – I just need the Cats the start winning again!”

Richard Jeffares and Luke Darcy at Melbourne Public and Citizen Bar with Gluten Free Session Ale Mid strength GFB Draft and Gluten Free Beer taster pack
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