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Traditionally Brewed Ginger Gluten Free Beer

Traditionally Brewed Ginger Gluten Free Beer

Summer vibes are out there with Ginger GFB – Australia's first Ginger Beer to be released by a dedicated gluten free brewery – and it stacks up as low carb against most alcoholic ginger beers! 

What is Ginger GFB?

It’s a traditionally brewed 4.0% abv dry ginger beer, with a sorghum base, fresh ginger and no additional syrups. 

“This is a fun beer to launch in summer,” said Richard Jeffares, founder of TWØBAYS Brewing Co.  

“It’s a very refreshing and easy-drinking alternative to GFB Draught – the range’s first release.”  

“We brewed a flavour-focused traditional dry ginger beer using fresh ginger, and we wanted it to be lower on the carb-count than most alcoholic ginger beers on the market.”  

“There are other gluten free ginger beers out there, but none are brewed in a dedicated gluten free brewery – we know that people trust in our beers and what we have built over the last four years.”  


GFB became our second beer brand when we released GFB Draught in September 2021, designed to appeal to those gluten free drinkers who just want a classic beer. The Draught won a gold medal at the 2022 Australian International Beer Awards and is now distributed nationally in Dan Murphy’s, First Choice and independent retailers. 

Its unveiling followed our gluten free craft beer range – consisting of everything from Passion Fruit Sour to craft Lager and Almond Porter – first launched in December 2018 with our full taproom tasting experience 

What does gluten free ginger beer taste like?

“In line with GFB's approach to beer, GFB Ginger is a straight-up spin on popular ginger beers,” said Jeffares 

“ – a traditionally brewed dry ginger to savour, without the syrupy sweetness. Think beer made with ginger, not a ginger flavoured seltzer.” 

Why ginger beer?

“We’ve wanted to explore a ginger beer for a long time (I certainly have for selfish reasons), and this is the perfect moment.” 

With ‘better for you’ liquors and alcoholic ginger beer both making tracks in the market, we were keen to offer our loyal following a taste of the action. 


“The GABS Hottest 100 Australian Beer countdown last month included four ginger beers in a top 40 dominated by Pale Ales, so we know it’s a popular style right now,” said Marketing Manager Nathan Alfrey. 

“We always want gluten free beer drinkers to have access to beer they love and trust. And we know people are looking for lower carb alternatives where they can – that includes gluten free and vegan beer-drinkers. Ginger GFB is easy-drinking, not too sweet – and in limited supply!” 

Where can you buy gluten free ginger beer?

Some independent retailers will be stocking Ginger GFB and it is available online here.


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