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Two Bays Brewing Co's Gluten-Free Beer Takes Over the World



From midday Fri 19 Feb: SYDNEY Hotel Sweeney’s (9 Beers) 
From midday Sat 20 Feb: BRISBANE Brewski (7 Beers) 

Those who avoid gluten usually keep the tastiest treats to themselves. Perhaps that’s why there has never been a gluten free beer tap takeover!

But like many things in the gluten free craft beer world, we're tearing up the rulebook and nailing our colours – or beers – to the wall, letting our kegs loose interstate. 

Look no further than Hotel Sweeney’s in Sydney, and Brewski in Brisbane, for proof that tap takeovers are a regular occurrence in the ‘barley’ world. But to date, our dedicated gluten free taproom is the only venue in Australia where people avoiding gluten can safely choose from more than one or two beer taps. 

That’s about to change. With Hotel Sweeney’s rooftop bar turning over nine taps, and Brewski turning over seven, gluten free beer drinkers – and anyone interested in trying a beer made with different grains – can wallow in a completely novel experience. 

“We’re so pumped that these amazing venues would get behind our beer and partner on a world-first gluten free beer tap takeover,” says founder Richard Jeffares, who was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease in 2015. 

Tap takeovers happen all the time in the craft beer world – and I, for one, miss the opportunity to work through a brewery’s beers and get a flavour for what they are all about. We think it’s about time gluten free beer drinkers had the opportunity to do the same – but I also recommend anybody interested in beer drops into one of these great venues to try something different. 

We’ve got some really tasty and interesting beers heading up to Sydney and Brisbane – including a puffed quinoa Saison, a wattle seed Cascadian Dark Ale and a lentil-based Pale Ale. This is the first chance that many people have had to ever taste these styles of beer brewed gluten free outside of our Taproom.

"So grab your friends and family – gluten free or not – and enjoy the full TWØBAYS experience!"

Alongside these beers – which have never left TWØBAYS Taproom on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula – is the brewery’s 2020 Indie gold medal-winning Pale Ale, and its core range XPA and IPA which have both won Indie silver awards. 

A Belgian Witbier and a Raspberry Berliner Weisse are also on the road, with the brewery’s latest can release, a West Coast IPA, completing the line-up. 

Beer list: 
Pale Ale 4.5% (Indie Gold 2020) 
XPA 5.0% (Indie Silver 2020)* 
IPA 6.0% (Indie Silver 2019) 
Witless 5.2% (Belgian Witbier) 
Puff the Magic Quinoa 6.0% (Puffed Quinoa Saison) 
Raspberry Fusion 3.7% (Fruit Sour Berliner Weisse) 
Experilentil 4.6% (Lentil-based Pale Ale) 
Hop The Wall 6.0% (West Coast IPA) 
Wattlesnake 6.6% (Cascadian Dark Ale feat. Wattleseed)* 

*Hotel Sweeney’s Sydney only 

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