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Gluten Free Lager Beer

We have crafted not one, but two gluten free lager options in our gluten free beer core range – Lager and GFB Draught – for the beer lover who likes their beer clean, simple and refreshing. Lager has long been the most popular beer style across the globe, and we think gluten free drinkers have missed out for too long.

Our TWØBAYS core range Lager is brewed as an easy-drinking version of a German Pilsner, featuring subtle tangerine and citrus aromas, with a smooth, crisp palate. Hints of delicate grains make for a beautifully sharp, refreshing finish. 

Brewed with pale millet, vienna millet, biscuit rice and saphir and permiant hops.

GFB Draught pays homage to the traditional easy-drinking Aussie lager, gluten free beer style. Full 24-can slab, full strength, full flavour; straight up just great beer.

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