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What is gluten free beer?

According to Coeliac Australia, foods labelled as gluten free must contain no detectable gluten and no oats or malted gluten-containing cereals or their products. TWØBAYS brews its beers with naturally gluten free malts only, including rice, millet and buckwheat. Hops are naturally gluten free and we only use gluten free yeast.

Why naturally gluten free malts?

Beer labelled ‘gluten free’ in Australia cannot be made from barley, wheat, rye or oats – all ingredients used in ‘normal’ craft beer. And while there are a few ‘gluten reduced’ beers available in Australia, there is no actual threshold to define ‘gluten reduced’.

What is gluten reduced beer??

Alarmingly, scientists from the national Australian science agency (CSIRO), who are experimenting with new gluten detection tests, are discovering harmful levels of gluten in those beers marked ‘gluten reduced’. This is because the test is “broken”, according to analytical CSIRO chemist Michelle Colgrave. At TWØBAYS, we do not brew gluten reduced beer.

How do you avoid contamination?

There is no gluten in the Brewery or Taproom and there never has been, so there is no risk! All of our pizzas are gluten free, and the brewery equipment – right down to the canning line – was bought brand new, so it has never come into contact with gluten. That's why we can safely say we are Australia's first dedicated gluten free Brewery and Taproom!

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