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TWØBAYS Strikes Gold In Las Vegas

TWØBAYS Strikes Gold In Las Vegas

Pictured above: TWØBAYS Session Ale - Awarded the best gluten free beer in the World at the World Beer Cup.

TWØBAYS Brewing Co. has been named best in the world for gluten free beer with our Session Ale taking out top spot in the Gluten Free Beer category at the World Beer Cup.

This is only the 5th time in the competitions history that an Australian brewery has won a gold medal at the most prestigious beer awards on the planet. Often described as "the Olympics of beer", the World Beer Cup awards were hosted in Las Vegas, attracting 9,300 entries from 2,060 breweries from 50 countries.

Only one gold, silver and bronze are awarded in each category, meaning the team of 280 judges had the tough job of picking the best of the best. The win for TWØBAYS puts Australian craft brewing on the map globally and is further recognition of the hard work our brewers put into consistency and quality.

When Richard Jeffares was diagnosed with Coeliac disease in 2015, he thought he would never drink great beer again. After touring the US and discovering gluten free beers were being made there in traditional and modern craft beer styles, he returned to Australia with one thought in his mind – opening a brewery of his own. But the thought of that brewery winning awards of this caliber was just a dream until last week.

“When we opened doors in December 2018, US gluten free breweries set the standard. Today, we joined them on the global platform with a World Beer Cup gold medal!” says Richard.

“We’ve always strived for quality beer. Last year this same beer won the Champion Specialty Beer Trophy at the Australian Independent Beer Awards, in a category up against specialty barley beers, so we knew it was good, but winning a World Beer Cup Gold is next level! Today, was further recognition of the quality and consistency our brewers are putting out.”

Pictured above: TWØBAYS Head Brewer, Kristian Martin (Left) and Founder and CEO, Richard Jeffares (Right)

“This is massive recognition for our brewers Kristian, Grant, Stephen and our packing team for their brewing and packing skill. Our brewers have all stepped away from the barley beer world to brew with our difficult malts (millet, buckwheat and rice) and I think the whole gluten free community thanks them for making us all some great beers!”

Gluten free beer cannot be brewed using barley, rye, wheat or oats, and brewing good beer without those traditional ingredients is not easy. TWØBAYS Session Ale is a mid-strength (3.5% abv) American style Pale Ale, brewed with naturally gluten free millet, buckwheat and rice malts.

TWØBAYS were not the only Aussies to pick up an award this year, with fellow Victorians, Hop Nation picking up a Bronze for their American Red Ale, The Buzz.

Cheers, to great Australian beer!

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