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We're refunding 1 in 70 online orders placed in the month of July!

In the name of encouraging people across Australia to have a conversation around gluten sensitivities, preferences and alternative options with friends, family and healthcare professionals, we're literally giving beer away!

According to Coeliac Australia, 1 in 70 people across the country have Coeliac Disease, but 4 out of 5 remain undiagnosed. 

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“As an immune based condition, untreated coeliac disease can result in serious long term health implications,” says Fiona Crockett, CEO of Coeliac Australia.  

“Greater awareness of and more consistent testing for coeliac disease is important to help ensure that we improve these diagnosis figures and reduce the potential burden of undiagnosed disease.” 

“We appreciate the ongoing support of TWØBAYS, not only in producing great gluten free beer options, but also helping to raise awareness of coeliac disease and the importance of diagnosis.” 

Any purchase made on our online store in July will be viable for entry into the random 1 in 70 selection for a full refund. 

“We want to support Coeliac Australia in enabling conversations around gluten,” says our Founder Richard Jeffares, who wanted to create great gluten free beer options after his own coeliac diagnosis in 2015. 

“The stigma remains a hurdle we’re attempting to break down. Accessibility, price and quality are all barriers associated with living a gluten free lifestyle – not to mention misunderstanding and machoism.” 

“Finally, businesses and peers are starting to respect those who have to – or choose to – live gluten free, and we just want to offer a range of great beer to be enjoyed with friends and family.” 

“We’re creating beers that both people who avoid gluten – and those that don’t – can enjoy. People are more than happy to share my beers at a barbecue; even though they can drink anything!” 

“Coeliac Australia does a great job of promoting Coeliac awareness, celebrating International Coeliac Awareness Day on 16th May, but this conversation deserves more than a day, a week or a month – it needs to happen all year around.” 

“Our entire core range [Pale Ale, XPA, IPA, Session Ale and Lager, and GFB Draught] is endorsed by Coeliac Australia because we understand the gravitas and trust this endorsement carries.” 

“Thanks to the brilliant venues and bottle shops stocking TWØBAYS, people are waking up to the fact that you can now choose from a great variety of gluten free beer that is safe and enjoyable to consume responsibly.” 

“It’s always been my vision that every liquor licensee in the land offers its customers a gluten free beer.” 

T&Cs: TWØBAYS Brewing Co will refund 1 in 70 purchases on the TWØBAYS website placed between 1st - 31st July. All orders will be entered into the draw. All refunds will be processed on or before 1st August 2023. Winners to be selected at random from sets of 70 orders. Multiple entries allowed – each order equals one entry. 

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