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Gluten Free Beer

Australia’s Friendliest Beers

Australia’s national day of Mateship, May 8 (Maaaate), is a day to reconnect with mates, check in with a friend who might be doing it tough, or just to grab a beer together and say “cheers” to the good times. So, it seems only fitting that this May 8 there’s a new beer launching that all mates (over 18) can get around and raise a tinnie with.

Forget the Big Friendly Giant, this is GFB Aussie Ale! And it might just be Australia’s friendliest beer. Brewed for Aussie tastes and designed for easy drinking afternoon sessions in the sun, GFB Aussie Ale doesn’t exclude anyone!

“Friendly means no one is excluded, and GFB is the shout that doesn’t leave anyone out” says Richard Jeffares, Founder and CEO of TWØBAYS Brewing Co. “There are 6 million plus Australians avoiding gluten, and not all of them are craft beer drinkers, so we wanted to make sure there was a choice of beers for them too.”

GFB is brewed for beer drinkers who want that classic Aussie beer taste but can’t stomach the gluten in barley beers. The GFB brand pays homage to the classic easy drinking Aussie beers that dominate the Australian beer landscape, but brewed with gluten free malts. For Richard Jeffares, the next logical step was to introduce another easy drinker to the brand line up.

“We hear it all the time from customers… they often just want a ‘crushable’ beer without big malt or hop flavours. Our brewers have done a brilliant job stripping this beer back to the bones, to create a really easy drinker that we can sell at a competitive price point for those beer drinkers that don’t care much about which hops we used, or exotic strains of yeast – they just want a beer that tastes like a classic beer and doesn’t leave them feeling bloated or sick – which is what barley beer can do to them. And at 4.0% ABV it is really crushable!”

How does Aussie Ale compare to GFB Draught?

First and foremost, as a beer drinker, you will want to know about the sensory experience of Aussie Ale. Although different beers, they are both born from the GFB philosophy - Easy drinking, low bitterness, no fuss beers that everyone can enjoy. It's the beer you can grab after mowing the lawn, watching the footy, or socialising with your mates if you are settling in for a session.

The first thing you will notice when opening a can of Aussie Ale is the light hop aroma is a touch more prominent than GFB Draught, but not over powering. Pour it into a glass and you'll find a golden / amber colour beer, a couple of shades darker than the GFB Draught. On your first sip, there's no big malt or hop flavours bombarding your senses, just an easy drinking beer that we are sure you will love.

The technical differences come down to the ingredients and fermentation process. Read on if that interests you, or skip ahead if you just like drinking great beer! Lagers, like GFB Draught are fermented at lower temperatures over a longer time, for a super crisp and clean finish. Ales, like Aussie Ale are fermenter at warmer temperatures and faster, giving a different flavour experience, while still resulting and a super refreshing beer.

Lightly hopped and with low bitterness, GFB Aussie Ale ticks all the boxes for when you need a thirst quenching, refreshing beer, no matter if you are avoiding gluten or not. Gluten free. Vegan friendly. Independently Aussie owned and brewed. Tastes like a classic Aussie beer.

So, the next time it’s your shout, make sure you don’t leave any mates out!

GFB Draught is available nationally through Dan Murphy’s and First Choice stores (varies by state). New GFB Aussie Ale is available through independent bottle shops and direct from the TWØBAYS Brewing Co website and taproom from May 8 2024.


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