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Gluten Free Beer Expo Australia

Get a taste of gluten free beer at your local GF Expo

When our Founder Richard was first diagnosed with Coeliac Disease, he started to dream about a world where gluten free beer was every bit as incredible, as dynamic and as accessible as craft beer is across Australia today.

After a trip to the US, where gluten free craft beer was light years ahead, that dream transitioned to a plan – and here we are today; Australia's largest independent gluten free brewery, and the only gluten free brewery with a taproom in the country.

And while TWØBAYS and GFB is served in almost 2,000 bottle shops and venues across every state, it still bothers Richard – and his team – that there are a very small number of venues that offer a true gluten free craft beer tasting experience – across as much of the range as possible.

We've hosted tastings at bottle shops and we've collaborated with brilliant venues in every state to put on food-paired events and tap takeovers, but so many people who have been diagnosed – or choose to live a gluten free lifestyle – still think they can't enjoy great beer.

This is why we jumped at the opportunity to exhibit and offer free tastings at gluten free expos from the very beginning.

Upcoming Expo Dates:

Melbourne: 15-16 October 2022 Book Tickets Here!
Adelaide (New for 2023): TBC
Sydney: TBC
Brisbane: TBC
Perth: TBC

In October 2018, we shared our beer with the world for the very first time at the Coeliac Australia Melbourne Gluten Free Expo. Founding Head Brewer AG, Richard and his wife Sarah, and marketing co-ordinator Tom served up more than 4,000 samples of two Pale Ales over the weekend. We asked tasters to vote on their favourite and they chose the first iteration of our gold medal-winning Core Range Pale Ale today. 

After attending gluten free expos in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne again in 2019, the pandemic enforced a two-hiatus, before we returned to Brisbane in June 2022, followed by Sydney and our first Perth Gluten Free Expo.

"It was fantastic to share our beers at the gluten free expos again this year," said Richard Jeffares, who travelled to Sydney and Perth (Covid grounded him on the weekend of the Brisbane Expo, but our Head of Sales, Rob manned the stall with our Queensland ambassador Colin and graphic designer Hannah).

"The Coeliac Australia gluten free expos capture every reason I started a gluten free brewery," added Richard.  

"It's so great to meet the TWØBAYS and GFB fans out there across the country at events such as expos, tap takeovers and tastings – and to make people aware that just because we have to avoid gluten, does not mean we have to avoid great beer."

"It's fantastic for people to be able to sample a whole host of amazing gluten free foods at these events, safe in the knowledge that gluten will not be a problem – and that includes beer.

Gluten free expo attendees also have the opportunity to sample all of our core range beers Session Ale, Pale Ale, XPA, IPA, Lager and GFB, as well as whichever seasonal and speciality beers are fresh at the time. We love the feedback and we love the look on people's faces when they enjoy beer for the first time in a long time – or often the first time ever!"

"We're really looking forward to getting back to Melbourne Gluten Free Expo in October 2022 and attending a full program of gluten free expos in 2023, including the new addition of Adelaide, where we know we have a fantastic supporter base."

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