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Not just for spring

Not just for spring

Our XPA will now be brewed all year.

We’re shifting the dial again. No Man’s Land XPA (Extra Pale Ale) sold out in less than 36 hours on its first seasonal release in Spring 2019. We brewed it again, and an even bigger batch was gone before the year was out. As a world-first, our XPA may have been new to the gluten free community, but it’s a recognised style in craft beer circles – and feedback says ours holds its own. It’s also a Taproom favourite that withstands the test of time, pouring since February 2019.

View our core range here.

So, we’ve decided to add the XPA to our core range (currently Pale Ale and IPA), and brew it all year round. This means we can get it to a greater number of bottle shops and venues across Australia – and we're able to brew the XPA more economically, passing a $5 saving onto those who buy from our website!

While some brewers focus on colour and aim for an extra pale looking finish in an XPA, others shoot for a bigger version of the Pale Ale – with everything dialled up. The X-factor in the TWØBAYS XPA is an amped-up hop profile, which makes this a refreshingly crisp beer sitting as middle sibling to our Pale Ale and IPA. We’ve retained the green that featured on the seasonal release can, but changed the design to match our Pale Ale and IPA. It’s also Coeliac Australia endorsed.

Great for a little extra without the big ABV; we've filled the gap in our core range.

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