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How to find gluten free beer In Australia

How to find gluten free beer In Australia

What if a hospitality business only offered food and/or beverages to 75% of its market? That’s missing out on a portion of pie that contains more than five million adults across Australia.*

TWØBAYS Founder Richard Jeffares is one of up to 25% of the population who have to, or choose to, avoid gluten in Australia.* (Richard has to because he has Coeliac Disease.)

With Coeliac Disease, even a simple adult ritual such as enjoying a beer with a friend is not so easy – 99% of beers in Australia contain gluten.

Like many people with Coeliac Disease, Richard generally gets to choose where he and his friends and family go out (he is the 'fussy' one!) – so he'll always choose somewhere he can get a 'safe' meal with a beer to match.

Finding somewhere with great, safe food is the easy part. But finding a great, safe meal with a gluten free beer in Australia is much harder. 

Find your local venue stocking TWØBAYS or GFB.

"I wonder when the day will come, that I can pretty much walk into any venue, restaurant or hotel and be offered a craft beer option like every other customer," says Richard.

"I’m happy with a can of gluten free beer (multiple choices would be bonus!), but huge points for the venues that actually offer a gluten free beer on tap!"

"And even more points is you make some noise about it! I’m so used to asking and being told ‘no’ that I often don’t bother checking anymore. I’m just one customer, but we know that there’s up to five million more, just like me, across the country."

Major pub groups Australian Venue Co. and ALH Hotels and restaurant group Grill'd – in addition to hundreds of independent venues across Australia – are among those who have woken up to the fact that the gluten free market is huge – and growing.

This is what Bobby Henry, Commercial Beverage Manager at Australian Venue Co. (AVC) told us at TWØBAYS Brewing Co:
“At AVC, we have recognised that gluten free consumers are becoming a significant customer base for us – and whilst we updated our food menu’s a long time ago, we realised the beverage offer is lagging behind. TWØBAYS Brewing Co have lifted the bar on quality and range for the gluten free beer drinker, and we were really happy to make them our preferred gluten free beer across our venues. In fact, their beers are good enough to be enjoyed by everyone!”

Simon Crowe, Founder and Managing Director at Grill'd agrees:
“The gluten free market is a substantial part of our business. We’ve seen continued growth and demand for gluten free food in recent times, which is why we decided to offer a gluten free beer to go with these burgers as a permanent item in our overall menu, and we have been delighted by the response of our guests.”


*25% of the Australian population avoids gluten according to the Australian Medical Journal 2020.

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