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Time for a Session?

In 2017, Pirate Life Brewing released a Mosaic IPA, and the 'barley beer' world went nuts for it. Being Coeliac, our CEO and Founder Richard felt left out on another great craft beer experience, and this beer in particular spurred him on. As soon as our brewery was up and running the following year, he was asking the brew team to work on a Mosaic gluten free beer. 

Our Mosaic Session IPA features tropical and stone-fruit hints, with a golden colour, and a crisp, lean palate. 

Where an IPA would typically have an ABV above 6.0%, the Session IPA boasts the same delicious flavour with a smaller ABV. 

It goes back to WWI England, when law dictated that arms manufacturers (of all people) were allotted two beer breaks, or 'sessions', totalling up to four hours a day. Now, of course these workers couldn't get too drunk on the heavy stouts and porters of the day while on the job, so the 'lighter beer' was born. The four hour law was finally abolished in 1988! 

Today, the style has become a space for exploration and introduction into the wonderful world of IPAs. It's a challenging beer to brew, but our team has done a cracking job! 

It's the best-selling beer in our Dromana Taproom (outside of the core range) and this is the third run we've brewed – first time in tinnies!

As of today, Friday 20th March, we're offering free shipping on any double-carton online purchases. Just enter FREE SHIPPING at the checkout. With all this uncertainty, we don't know how long we'll run the offer for, so get in there quick!

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