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Indulge in Twobays Brewing Co's Gluten-Free IPA


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If you enjoyed our Pale Ale, you're going to love the IPA! 

We've taken our second bold step on this gluten free craft beer odyssey by releasing TWØBAYS IPA to the world.

It's a cracking beer with hoppy aromas up front that are quickly overrun by malt sweetness on the mid-palate, followed by a well-balanced, but nicely present bitterness.

It's not heavy, it's not thin... just refreshing.

How did you choose an IPA?

It started in the Taproom with an IPA named Hairy Legs (6.2% ABV) after a cycling group founded by TWØBAYS CEO Richard Jeffares. Then we put out a Mosaic IPA (5.4%) and Eddy, a Belgian IPA (5.8%), before settling on the recipe for our core IPA.

Each of these IPAs has gone down very well with our Taproom faithfuls and travellers alike, so it was tough choosing one to put into cans. In the end, we went with a Simcoe and Mosaic-hopped IPA that gives off beautifully fresh pine and fruit aromas.

We released 100 cartons exclusively to our Clan and they were gone within 24 hours – delivered across Australia at an exclusive shipping rate.

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What were some of the challenges faced with the IPA?

“We wanted a balanced and approachable IPA with hoppy flavours and bright aromas and we feel that we have achieved this," says head brewer Andrew Gow, who has 20 years’ experience in craft beer (including Mornington Peninsula Brewery and Mountain Goat).

"We’ve primarily used Simcoe with its pine aromas as the feature hop, with Galaxy and Mosaic providing bright citrus notes,” 

Why an IPA?

“A lot of breweries might have put out a Pilsner, an XPA or a mid-strength after the Pale Ale," says CEO and Founder Richard Jeffares.

"And while we have great options for those styles in our Taproom, we wanted to be brave and deliver a true craft beer style – we couldn’t go past a classic IPA. This style of beer isn’t readily available to the gluten free community and it’s perfect for this time of year.
"We believe in our beer and we know we can behave like a craft brewery at the cutting edge of a very innovative industry. We want to deliver this experience to Australia's gluten intolerant population and its ever-growing community of craft beer drinkers."

"We're trying to brew a beer for everyone. Everyone has a gluten free friend or relative, and our hope is that our beers will bring back consumers who may have turned their back on beer all together and give beer another chance. We want everybody to have the opportunity to enjoy great craft beer with their friends.”

“People with gluten intolerances have been visiting their local bottle shops and venues encouraging licensees to stock and serve our Pale Ale, and the beer is now in fridges at more than 150 sites across Victoria, NSW, SA and ACT).”

Independent bottle shops, supermarket liquor stores and bars and restaurants across Victoria were quick to stock the Pale Ale, and we are now rolling out the IPA to some of these venues. 

“It’s great to have our beer in some of the most famous beer haunts in Australia,” says Jeffares.

“It’s at Stomping Ground Brewery, Carwyn Cellars, Bright Brewery, Capital Brewing Co (ACT) and The Wheatsheaf Hotel (Adelaide) to name a few. We love the fact that other breweries recognise the opportunity to provide a safe gluten free beer for their customers – and that the owners believe our beer is good enough to associate with their own brands.”

The details

Our IPA is bursting with flavour and bite, giving off pine and fruity aromatics. It's also endorsed by Coeliac Australia!

16x 375ml | 6.0% abv

A beautifully-hopped IPA brewed with millet, buckwheat, rice; showcasing Simcoe and Mosaic hops.

IBU 46 | EBC 14


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