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Why it's time to shake the gluten free stigma

What we're trying to is even bigger than gluten free beer (yes, there is such a thing).

We stand for gluten free brands lifting the bar on quality and choice, so that everyone can confidently and safely enjoy awesome experiences – both when out and at home and in cafes, bars and restaurants – because no one should have to miss out.

How many people live gluten free in Australia?

According to a 2020 Medical Journal of Australia report, six million people in Australia avoid gluten. Some have to, some choose to.

Awareness and understanding of Coeliac Disease and gluten intolerances among the general public may still have a long way to go, but venue and bottle shop owners (and other decision makers in the liquor industry) are starting to recognise the magnitude they are missing by not offering quality gluten free choice. 

Like everyone else, we just want a range of gluten free food and beverages to choose from when out or at home; a beer to go with our meal

“Even as a brewery we were offering great gluten free food, but no beer to go with it,” said Justin Joiner, co-founder of Stomping Ground Brewery in Melbourne.

“Now we can offer a range of awesome beers to our gluten free customers too!” 

There was a time (and unfortunately there still is), when a token gluten free substitute was offered, regardless of how it tasted. But now, many businesses have recognised the opportunity to offer a quality product and experience, to encourage the gluten free community to choose their business over many others in the crowded market. 

Awesome brands across food and beverage can provide great products, and gluten free customers are loyal, loud and have a habit (out of necessity) of choosing which venues where all their friends and families have to meet!

Gluten free doesn't have to mean taste free

Unfortunately, there is still a hangover from the days of gluten free scraps being passed as alternative meals, but we're trying to shake the gluten free stigma with a range of beer that is accessible to all of the Australian gluten free community (over 18), whatever the occasion.

TWØBAYS fan Peter K reviewed our Pale Ale: "Simply stated my sons and son-in-law are now quite happy to pinch my beer," says Peter K in his TWØBAYS Pale Ale review

"Even when there are normal options available!"

 "We want to brew beer that everyone enjoys," says TWØBAYS Founder Richard Jeffares.

"And it does mean that you sometimes you have to share your TWØBAYS or GFB! It's the only downside to great beer, but really it's what we wanted from the start; for friends and family to be able to enjoy a beer together, regardless of any gluten intolerance – so that nobody has to feel different."

Gluten Free Fish & Chips or Pie with that beer?!

And now collaborations are popping up all over the place, with businesses using GFB, Lager and Pale Ale on tap to batter their gluten free fish and chips, and chefs gluten free baking pies – and even desserts – with our Stout.

"It's only fair that we, the people who live gluten free, are offered a selection of quality gluten free beers to go with our meal," says Richard.

"From the beginning, it's been our dream for every liquor licensee to stock gluten free beer so that nobody has to miss out. And just as you can just from a wide selection of other beers, wine, spirits or soft drinks, there is no reason that a number of gluten free beers shouldn't be on the list too!"

So here’s cheers to you for demanding quality food and beverage – and a choice of quality products for everyone. No compromise, no stigma. 

If your local venue or bottle shop is not serving a range of great gluten free beer, demand your right to quality and choice and ask them to sell our beer!

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