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Gluten free beer on tap across Australia

Gluten free beer on tap across Australia

Free the Taps is returning for a fourth year, with nine venues across Australia ‘freeing’ 65 beer taps for 15 different gluten free beer styles, including Australia’s first ever gluten free Hazy IPA headlining the bill in selected states - all brewed buy leading independent gluten free craft brewer, TWØBAYS Brewing Co.

The events are being held at some of the nation’s most iconic craft beer venues, a nod from the industry that these beers are well worth a try for even the most dedicated craft beer drinkers. To close off ‘barley’ beer taps for gluten free beer would have been unthinkable a few years ago, but TWØBAYS’ dedication to the craft and pushing the boundaries of gluten free beer styles has changed all that.

“It’s a dream come true,” says TWØBAYS CEO and Founder Richard Jeffares, who was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease in 2015.

“Tap takeovers are the type of occasion I started this brewery for. They provide an opportunity for a group to get together and compare different beers with great food in really cool venues – that’s what I missed most after my diagnosis.”

“We are at a stage where quality is no barrier to making our beer appeal to all beer drinkers, no matter if they are gluten free or not. The feedback we’ve been getting from footy and cricket fans drinking our beers at the MCG and AAMI Park on game days is testimony to that.”

Until now gluten free beer drinkers have never been able to enjoy a Hazy IPA, but TWØBAYS, in collaboration with Carwyn Cellars are correcting that. The speciality beer will be pouring in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and Launceston, while other TWØBAYS beers usually reserved for the brewery’s Victorian taproom will be available around the country. As well as core range favourites, there will be hop driven crisp Cold IPA and West Coast Lager, Belgian farmhouse style Saison, English Brown Ale, easy drinking Japanese Rice Lager, smooth Irish Stout, and of course Aussie Draught – all brewed from naturally gluten free malts so nobody has to miss out, even if you are avoiding gluten.

You don’t need to be gluten free to enjoy great food and great beer in the best venues. There’s a growing number of beer lovers just curious about what beer made from alternative grains is about. Carwyn Cellars snuck a TWØBAYS Broader Horizon Hazy IPA into their Canvent gift packs last December and were blown away by their customers reaction and approval of a non-barley beer.

“We played down the gluten free aspect of the beer deliberately, just to see if people would notice,” Carwyn Cellars Beer Ambassador, Tito Orellana told us. “Our customers are some of the most dedicated craft beer fans in the country so we were pretty nervous about what kind of response it would get - but they loved it!”. So much so, TWØBAYS and Carwyn Cellars have collaborated on a second brew of a Hazy IPA, refining the recipe for their latest Collaboration Series beer for wider release in cans, available in independent bottle shops and craft beer venues from mid-March.

Free the Taps venues around the states:

All these venues are ensuring their gluten free customers have the full craft beer experience, with gluten free food offerings.

Gluten free beer on tap Australia

“We’ve partnered with these venues because we don’t think it’s fair for people to miss out on good beer,” said Jeffares. “For me, it’s about those who avoid gluten being able to join in supporting their local and exploring different styles and tasting amazing flavours”.


Two of Melbourne’s iconic craft beer venues are throwing their weight behind Free the Taps this year. The Fox Hotel, Collingwood, has long held a reputation for being one of the city’s most inclusive venues, and huge supporter of craft breweries. The team at The Fox have 10 taps reserved for the event, which they have supported every year since it began in 2021.

Carwyn Cellars is one of the jewels in Melbourne’s craft beer crown and is converting their tuck shop to 100% gluten free menu for the week. Tapping six TWØBAYS beers on the 13th March, and hosting the TWØBAYS Brewery team for tapping of their collaboration brew, Australia’s first ever gluten free Hazy IPA on Friday 15th March.


Adelaide is home to two of Australia’s best pubs catering to include all consumers who love good food and beer. The Duke of Brunswick (Adelaide), and the Port Admiral (Port Adelaide), are both Coelaic Australia endorsed venues, with 100% gluten free food menus, and a range of gluten free beers on tap all year round. From 13th March you will be able to try nine different TWØBAYS beers at the Duke, and six at Port Admiral.


Craft beer fans in Brisbane will be familiar with the name Brewski. Having supported Free the Taps since its launch in 2021, Brewski have seen the value of tapping into the gluten free beer market.

“We obviously do a lot of beer events, and it was certainly one of the most successful ones,” Brewski co-owner Antoinette Pollock told Brews News after the first event. “We really wanted to support it, we knew TWØBAYS did great beers so we weren’t concerned about putting them on our taps, it’s a quality product.”

Brewski have freed six taps for the event and have a gluten free food menu on Saturday 16th March, serving the beers until they run out


Not to be outdone by the other state capitals, Sweeney’s in Sydney will once again have the biggest line up of gluten free beers in the country. With 12 taps dedicated to pouring TWØBAYS beers, there is sure to be some old favourites and new beers you have never tried at this event. Featuring limited release and keg only brews, you can work your way along the taps from easy drinking Rice Lager to big hoppy IPAs, and yeast driven farmhouse style Saison. Hotel Sweeney’s boast the record for the biggest line up of gluten free beers on tap in the country (even the more then the TWØBAYS own taproom with 11 beers on tap!).

Sydney gluten free beer on tap 2023


Saint John Craft Bar will once again be freeing their beer taps for Coeliac Awareness Week, with five keg only specialty release beers from TWØBAYS pouring all week (while stock lasts!). This is a real treat for any craft beer fan, gluten free or not, featuring a diverse range of beer styles, packing their tap bank with a full complement of specialty releases.


Besk stands as a proud tribute to the public houses of the world, where everyone is welcome and the beer is always cold. Probably best known for their seasonal driven food menu and extensive bar list, Besk will be Freeing five taps for Coeliac Awareness Week 2024, serving four keg only specialty releases and one core range favourite from TWØBAYS.


Dickson Taphouse is one of the ACT’s finest craft beer venues. With 18 taps, there is always one dedicated to gluten free beer, not to mention the range in the fridge. For Coeliac Awareness week they will be adding two more taps to their gluten free beer line up, including Saison and Brown Ale. They will also have a gluten free food menu available for the week.

Great food and great beer is for everyone, even if you don’t need to avoid gluten, so grab some mates and show them just how good food and beer can be without the gluten!

Beers to be tapped around the country on Wednesday 13th March and will keep pouring until sold out. Check your local venues Facebook events page for further details and for a full list of the beers available. 

Free the Taps marks Coeliac Awareness Week (13-20 March); a Coeliac Australia campaign designed to support understanding and encourage testing for the disease that affects 1 in 70 Australians.

Cheers, to great gluten free beer!

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