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Australia’s First Gluten Free Hazy IPA Launches

Australia’s First Gluten Free Hazy IPA Launches

Gluten Free HAZY IPA

Brewed in collaboration with Carwyn Cellars, we are excited to announce the arrival of Hazy IPA. It’s juicy, bold and very, very hazy!

Until now, gluten free beer lovers have missed out on the haze craze so we thought it is about time we put that right.

Gluten Free Hazy IPA out of focus

What is a Hazy IPA

Hazy IPAs are often described as “juicy” and “soft”, and we think this beer is no different. Late addition new world hops prioritize fruity tropical and citrus aromas while the finishing gravity (residual sugars after fermentation) is much higher than a typical IPA, leaving some sweetness in the beer to balance the hops and reduce bitterness. Thanks to unfiltered proteins from malts and hop compounds and a very low flocculating yeast, we are left with a cloudy, opaque beer with a full bodied and smooth mouth feel.

Gluten Free Hazy IPA


How did the collaboration with Carwyn Cellars come about?

Carwyn Cellars have long supported TWØBAYS Brewing Co., stocking our beers in their store and bar. Each year they hand pick the best breweries in the country to contribute a beer to their Canvent gift boxes at Christmas (think advent calendar but instead of chocolate it contains a new beer behind each door!). In 2023 they asked TWØBAYS if we could make a beer that would appeal to dedicated craft beer drinkers, without them spotting it was gluten free.

They had come to the right place and our brewers created ‘Broader Horizon Hazy IPA’ in an attempt to broaden the horizons of barley beer lovers and show them what alternative grain, gluten free beer is all about. The feedback was sensational so we knew we had to bring that same experience to gluten free beer lovers too. After a few recipe tweaks in consultation with the team at Carwyn Cellars, and a brew day where they were put to work in the TWØBAYS brew house, our 3rd collaboration series beer – Hazy IPA – was born.

Carwyn Cellars and Two Bays brew day


Why has there never been a gluten free Hazy IPA before?

Most brewers use adjuncts like oats to leave a proteins in the beer to create the haze. They will often add lactose, an unfermentable sugar from milk, for sweetness. Being gluten free, we cannot brew with oats, and we want everyone to be able to enjoy our beers, so have left out the dairy products so it is suitable for people with dairy allergies and vegan friendly too.

Our brewers love to experiment and bring our customers the same beer experiences everyone else gets to enjoy, so after much research and working with our ingredient suppliers, we finally came up with a way to make a gluten free hazy IPA that looks and tastes just like a barley brewed Hazy IPA, without the gluten and without the lactose.


Which hops have been used in creating this beer?

Hazy IPAs are, to a large extent about the fruity, juicy hop profile. The team at Carwyn Cellars were interested to try out a relatively new hop variety from the USA – Vista. Vista hops are a modern American aroma variety known for it’s large cones, adding layers of melon, tropical and stone fruit aromas. Vista was officially released in late 2021 from the USDA’s public breeding program. The program continues to innovate to adapt towards new DDH hazy, juicy IPA brewer and consumer preferences with releases such as Cashmere, Triumph, and now Vista. We’ve also thrown in a couple of classics for Hazy IPAs, Mosaic and Strata.

Gluten Free Hazy IPA flying V

Where can I get it?

The best place to buy Indie beer is from your local independent bottle shop. If you can’t find it locally, you can order direct from our online store.

Beer out of a can is great, but having one poured on tap, in a pub is the ultimate dream! A few venues around the country have secured a keg or two for Free The Taps, 13th – 20th March, so if one of these venues is in your neighbourhood, this is your only chance to get this one off beer poured from a tap.

The Port Admiral | Port Adelaide

The Duke of Brunswick | Adelaide

Carwyn Cellars | Melbourne (from Friday 15th March)

TWØBAYS Brewing Co | Dromana, Vic

Sweeney’s | Sydney (from Thursday 14th March)

Saint John | Launceston

Brewski | Brisbane (from Saturday 16th March)

The Fox Hotel | Collingwood, Vic

Besk | Perth 


Brew day video

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