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No Doubt Stout: The Gluten Free Beer That Keeps Giving

No Doubt Stout: The Gluten Free Beer That Keeps Giving

You asked, we brewed. Gold medal-winning gluten free beer No Doubt Stout is back. Sometimes, champions just won’t lay down. It’s in their nature. 

This champion won a gold medal at the 2021 Australian International Beer Awards for its “beautiful colour and dense creamy off-white head with mocha chocolate notes,” and “caramel, toffee, chocolate, vanilla aromatics that carry into the palate,” according to the judges. 

Also in the beer's nature is a smooth lingering finish, thanks to dark, over-roasted malts (meaning they were in the kiln for longer than pale millet grains); caramel millet, chocolate roasted millet and pitch rice malt. 

“The pitch rice malt is key to No Doubt Stout,” says TWØBAYS Head Brewer Kristian Martin. 

“It provides that darker, slightly heavier mouthfeel on the beer, not usually associated with gluten free malts. Unfermented sugars create a medium sweetness, balancing the roasty backbone with subtle hop bitterness and a moderately dry aftertaste.” 

What is a Sweet Stout? 

A gluten free stout is brewed in the same fashion as our Pale Ales, but uses grains that have been roasted for longer in the kiln to create the darker malts. Coffee and chocolate notes are usually the most dominate flavours in a Sweet Stout and the balance can either be quite sweet, or dryer, with more of a roasty quality. No Doubt Stout is the latter. 

What are the origins of a Sweet Stout? 

As a traditional British style beer, Sweet Stouts hark back to the 1800s, when milk was actually blended with darker beer in an effort to make milder, ‘more nutritious ales’ as brewers were allowed to advertise. They became popular among the English labour force as a midday pick-me-up and were even medically recommended to pregnant and breastfeeding women.

What’s special about No Doubt Stout? 

At 6.2% abv, No Doubt Stout has a beautiful body with a dry-roasted character, thanks to the caramel millet and chocolate roasted millet malts. An emphasis on coffee and roasted malt aromas defines the character of this stout, with balanced hop bitterness to complement the malt sweetness. Inspired by a Dry Irish Stout, we’ve created a slightly sweeter interpretation, better suited to Australian winters. 

Why the name ‘No Doubt’?  

We called it ‘No Doubt’ because avoiding gluten in food and beverages is often shrouded in doubt. We want people to savour every drop of our beer, safe in the knowledge it’s completely gluten free – No Doubt!   

Why is a gold medal-winning Stout particularly special to TWØBAYS? 

Our Founder Richard is of Irish descent and was a keen Guinness drinker prior to his Coeliac Disease diagnosis, so we’re especially proud to have brewed a pot of black gold that stacks up so well against other domestic and international beers.

“I spent five long Victorian winters dreaming of this beer,” says Richard. 

“And the fact that it carries a gold medal is the icing on the cake. 

What is good to pair with No Doubt Stout? 

Anything with chocolate will accentuate the smooth notes of this sweet stout; maybe a fudge brownies, German chocolate cake or chocolate steamed pudding. You can bake any of these – or a meat pie – using a sweet stout in place of other liquids. Sweet stouts pair well with buttery and creamy cheeses; try aged cheddars, Swiss, Brie, or Chevré. 

Working backwards, No Doubt marries well with rich game meats such as venison, rabbit, wild duck, pheasant or anything served with a sweet rich sauce. Wintery soups, roasts, spicy pizzas, and spicy Mexican or Asian dishes work well too. 

What did everyone say last time around? 

“This is without a doubt the best stout I’ve had since turning Gluten Free.” Rachael T 

“Delicious, balanced, worth lingering over… I could keep going, but try it for yourself and find out!” Amanda P

“Delicious, dark and smooth. The coffee and caramel flavours make me consider having this with my breakfast.” Chris H 

“Hoorah, great stout experience for a Coeliac, light, but heavier than any other GF beer, adopts traditional roasty, chocolate stout characteristics.” Dharma P on Untappd  

“Smashable - thankfully not too sweet. Nice subtle bitterness, cola, caramel. Really easy going.” Kate H on Untappd  

“Aroma of dark chocolate & smoke on the can pour. First sip is awash with dark chocolate, rich espresso, caramel & a faint nuttiness. Dark, over roasted malts give it exceptional body & length. Really gets into your tongue grooves with burnt coffee grit.” Jaymzy on Untappd 


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