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Mothers Day Gift Gluten Free Beer

How to order FREE MUM TIME this Mother’s Day

👉Local to TWØBAYS and need somewhere for Mother's Day lunch? Mum's first drink is on us all Mother's Day weekend (7-8 May) – book here!

When we sat down to plan a gluten free beer Mother’s Day gift for 2022, the team asked around and agreed that the greatest gift a mum can receive is free time – to do as she pleases. 

We’re an inclusive bunch here at TWØBAYS, and we appreciate that Mother’s Day is not a celebratory day for all, so we want you to know, dear reader, that what we came up with could be a gift for anyone – not just a mum. If you’d like to order a gift box without the ‘FREE MUM TIME’ sticker, please click here and select 'Without Free Mum Time Sticker'. 

The moment that box lands, the lucky lid-lifter can get plotting their Free 'Mum' Time. Maybe it’s a picnic with the family, an evening in front of the fire, a Zoom with loved ones, or a moment alone to reflect; whatever the choice – this gift box contains a bucketful of awesome accompaniments. 

  • 7 TWØBAYS Gluten Free Vegan Beers (375ml each) 
  • 3 Springhill Farm Gluten Free All Plant Slices (150g each) 
  • 2 TWØBAYS Schooner Glasses (425ml) 

We’ve included the full TWØBAYS range – including two special edition beers – so that mum / beneficiary can explore our gluten free beer whether she is a seasoned TWØBAYS drinker, or new to beer or a gluten free diet. 

One of each Margarita Sour, Mandarin Rice Lager, Core Range Lager, Session Ale, Pale Ale, XPA and IPA, presents a different beer for every occasion, and a beautiful journey through styles, flavours and aroma profiles – perfect for an introduction or for choosing a new favourite. 

And the good folk at Springhill Farm have thrown in three of their cocktail-inspired Boozy* Slices, complete with a game of Never Have I Ever (*slices are gluten free and all plant, and they contain no alcohol). 

These Country Vic legends have been baking and cutting wholesome snacks for more than 35 years, since Jojo (General Manager Fiona’s mum) fed muesli slices to school kids who visited the family farm. We reached out to the Springhill Farm team because they too understand that people across Australia who avoid gluten want a range of safe, quality produce made from real ingredients too. 

Springhill Farm Boozy* Slices 

  • Espresso Martini Slice: Decadent dark chocolate body, with a whole coffee-bean kick and white chocolate ‘crema’ topping – reminiscent of Espresso Martini-fuelled nights out. 
  • Cosmo Slice: A sophisticated concoction of cranberry, lime and apple inspiring that quite unique ahhhh moment. 
  • Rum & Raisin Slice: Almonds, cocoa and dried fruit – simply the taste of good times. 

“We jumped at the opportunity to partner with TWØBAYS Brewing Co,” said Fiona Whatley, General Manager at Springhill Farm.

Everything we do at Springhill Farm is focused on delivering the most delicious treat we can, regardless of your dietary needs. And, when I put my mum of four hat on, I definitely appreciate a time out moment wherever I can steal one… therefore it goes without saying that TWØBAYS ‘Free Mum Time’ campaign was a great fit.”

Mother’s Day Gift Box Beers 

  • Margarita Sour: Australia’s first gluten free Gose style Sour in cans, inspired by Aussie Olympic long jumper Brooke Stratton (and her favourite cocktail)  
  • Mandarin Rice Lager: A clean Japanese-style lager, with a fine, zesty character. 
  • Lager: Pale and clean, our core range Lager is brewed as an easy-drinking version of a German Pilsner, enjoying subtle tangerine and citrus aromas, with a smooth, crisp palate. 
  • Session Ale: A beautifully sessionable mid-strength pale ale, this beer features mango, stone fruit and berry aromas, with a smooth, crisp palate, hints of delicate grains and a refreshing finish. 
  • Pale Ale: Easy-drinking American hopped beer with subtle, but beautiful citrus aromas. 
  • XPA: The X-factor in our XPA is an amped-up hop profile, which makes this a refreshingly crisp beer sitting as middle sibling to our Pale Ale and IPA. 
  • IPA: Bursting with flavour and bite, giving off pine and fruity aromatics. 

Gluten Free Beer changes lives; just ask TWØBAYS Mum Sarah Jeffares... 

“When Richard called me to say that he had been diagnosed with Coeliac Disease, we were ready to make changes as a family,” recounts Sarah, Richard’s wife.  

“To most families, that might mean a new toaster and a separate chopping board. To us, it meant a brewery and Taproom. Richard told me his ‘life was over’ because he could no longer enjoy craft beer and the best things that come with it. We had to change that for him, and for the millions of people in Australia who avoid gluten.”  

Sarah, Head of Fulfilment and Taproom Kitchen, is one of our TWØBAYS Supermums, with her son Will working at the Taproom Bar and daughters Kate and Lizzie having helped out with design and fulfilment in the past. 

Whether you're vegan, Coeliac, gluten intolerant or just choose to avoid gluten, we have you covered – this May 8, even if you're not celebrating Mother's Day.



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