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Why we love having 9 gluten free beers pouring at our craft beer taproom

When Richard walked out of Ground Breaker Brewery in Portland, having tasted their gluten free beers on tap, he was convinced that starting a craft beer brewery back home in Victoria was a good idea 

The next day, he walked into Ghostfish Brewing Co in Seattle, where he sat at the bar, ate from their 100% gluten free menu and worked through various tasting paddles, showcasing the endless beer styles that gluten free malts can make. His brewery had to have a taproom. 


The seed was planted, and 18 months later, TWØBAYS Brewing Co opened its craft beer taproomIt was not the first of the dedicated gluten free breweries in Australia, but it was the first dedicated gluten free brewery in the land to have its own Taproom.  

For Richard and the team, TWØBAYS is not just about getting beer to people who avoid gluten. It’s about taking them on a journey to explore the full craft beer experienceThat means taste is not the only sense TWØBAYS fans get to explore.  

“Prior to being diagnosed with Coeliac Disease, I fell in love with everything about craft beer,” says TWØBAYS Founder Richard Jeffares. 

“It’s a full sensory experience – and it’s so much fun to explore and share in the journey with people close to you. It’s about the feeling; both mouthfeel of the beer, and the feeling of the moment you compare notes over an incredible new taste. It’s about the sight – the look of the beer in a glass and the sight of giant stainless-steel tanks! It’s about the smell – the smell of the brewery and the hoppy aromas in the beer – and the sounds; a can opening, or tap pouring with a great buzz all around you.” 


“That’s why my brewery had to have a Taproom. So that we could share this sensory journey with people who otherwise may not have had the chance to experience what craft beer is really all about.” 

And as the TWØBAYS Brewing Co Taproom prepares to open for a third time on Saturday 7th November, Richard and the team is doing everything possible to retain the atmosphere that was the original driving force behind the project. 

9 Gluten Free Beers on Tap for reopening 

Core Range 

  • Pale Ale 
  • XPA 
  • IPA 
Speciality Beers 
  • New Lens Pale Ale 
  • S.M.A.S.H. Pale Ale 
  • Lager 
  • Pulp Fusion (our current seasonal release in cans) 
  • Red Rocks Red Ale 
  • Ollie’s Hoppy Brown Ale 

Under our current COVID restrictions, we have maximised our outside seating, with plenty of under cover area and lots of umbrellas,” says Richard.  

“It also means that there is space for people to safely come to the bar inside the brewery, to look at the range of beers we have on tap (and admire our the new giant stainless-steel tanks we've added!)

"As part of our COVID-Safe plan, we’ve put Perspex screens up at the bar so that the experience is as safe as possible for everyone. It also means that people can see the artwork we create for each beer, and see the colour of the beers – we put sample pots of each beer above the taps. 

With every tasting paddle (4 x 150ml samples) you get a beer menu complete with notes on the aroma, flavour, abv, colour and bitterness. 

And to match the best gluten free beer, TWØBAYS wood-fires gluten free pizzas so that friends and families can safely enjoy a good session at the craft beer taproom. Here’s our recommendations: 

  • HAM & CHEESE: This stripped-down pizza deserves a tasty American Pale Ale. Our Pale Ale has a sophisticated hop profile and just enough bitterness to cut through the cheese. 
  • MARGHERITA: Our new lager has a nice bready flavour that complements the Margherita and allows the tomato sauce and cheese a chance to shine. 
  • HOT SALAMI: Our IPA cuts through the slightly spicy notes of the salami. 
  • VEGETARIAN: A nice summer Pale Ale like New Lens plays second fiddle and won’t overpower the vegies. 
  • MUSHROOM: The earthy mushroom flavours go really well with a malty beer like Ollie’s Hoppy Brown Ale and its light caramel sweetness. 
  • PEAR & PROSCUITTOPulp Fusion, a Berliner Weisser style known for its subtle tart acidity with citrus character. 
  • POTATO & PESTO: Our XPA complements the earthy rich flavour of the pesto and vegetables. 


The brew team has been busy experimenting with new hops, flavours and styles during the lockdown period, and they are pumped to get some feedback on the fresh beers from both regulars and new visitors to the Taproom. 

“We're really looking forward to getting that buzz back around what we’re calling the Dromana Habitat in the Industrial Estate,” says Jeffares. 

“We’ve all been hurting through this challenging period and the fantastic businesses in this hotbed on the Mornington Peninsula are raring to go again. Within 500-metres, you can walk from our Taproom to Jetty Road Brewery Dromana, Jimmy Rum, Bass & Flinders Gin Distillery and Mr Little Cider! These craft liquor manufacturers all have great tasting rooms on-site too. It’s a brilliant community – and such a great atmosphere on weekends, with something for everyone." 

With gluten free beer delivery and stockists nationwide, TWØBAYS is growing fast, but the Taproom will always be the heartbeat of the business. It’s where we get to share a beer with our customers. That’s why we had to have a taproom. 

While booking is not compulsory, it's advised for those who want to secure a table inside. Please email (max tables of 10)

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