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1st Hazy Gluten Free Beer Hits Australia!

1st Hazy Gluten Free Beer Hits Australia!

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Breaking boundaries in the gluten free craft beer world once more, we've released Stargaze Hazy Pale, a 5.0% spring and summer smasher.  

The beer marks an explosive starting point for gluten free beer drinkers to begin their hazy adventures, after years of missing out – with a beautiful-looking haze and punchy tropical flavours. 


The growing Australian gluten free beer market has never seen a Hazy that is safe to drink on fridge shelves before, but our CEO and Founder Richard Jeffares says he’s received a lot of requests. 

“Since we opened almost three years ago, people have been calling for this beer,” he said. 

“I was diagnosed as Coeliac in 2015 when Hazy beer started becoming popular and like the rest of the Australian gluten free community, I’ve been excited to see what all the fuss is about. We’ve all been ‘stargazing’ for this beer – and we’ve been missing out for too long!” 

“It’s a cracking spring and summer drinker, and we’re pumped to have this Australian first limited-edition Pale Ale in the line-up for the next few months.” 

“Our team has brewed bigger hazies in the past for our Taproom (and for GABS), but we wanted to take our fans nationwide on the hazy journey, starting with a 5.0% Pale version for now.” 

Brewed on a Vienna millet base, the beer is a juicy and fruity Pale following the New England style, with pineapple, lychee and mango aromas giving way to tropical, stone fruit and citrus flavours. 

Head Brewer Kristian Martin said, “Stargaze Pale carries all the punchy hop characteristics of all other hazies out there. We used Verdant yeast and brewed with a massive dry hop of Mosaic, Strata and Ekuanot – the beer came up beautifully, with plenty of haze!"

“It’s awesome to finally have a gluten free hazy on the market and we think our beer stands tall against all the hazies out there.” 

"We’re continuing our craft beer journey, exploring and pushing the limits of gluten free beer.”

twobays-gluten-free-beer-stargaze-qrDon't forget to scan the QR code on the back of the can for more info!

Over the last decade of 'barley brewing', the line between a Pale Ale and an IPA (India Pale Ale) has definitely grown hazier. From a New England IPA (NEIPA) to an XPA or Session IPA, the Pale Ale family continues to grow, blurring the lines between flavours, ABV and brewing methods.

But the Hazy Pale Ale is exploding in popularity.

What is a Hazy Pale?

In simple terms, a hazy pale is a lower ABV, more sessionable and slightly lower-hopped version of the better-known NEIPA style. We're seeing lots of Hazy pales coming out at the moment just as we saw a lot of XPA's hitting the market a few years ago. 

Why are Hazies so popular?

Craft beer lovers have gone mad for the hazy style of IPAs that originated on the East Coast of America and focused on a very different style to the well-known and loved West Coast IPA. The NEIPA style uses hops differently, with a big dry hop showcasing some of the more modern hop varieties that typically present with stone fruit, tropical fruit and citrus flavours (such as Mosaic, Strata and Ekuanot).

The Pale Ale version of this style is a more sessionable, accessible and easy-drinking version – and it's still finding a place in the market. But it will continue to grow. It's a brilliant addition to the "haze craze" that's seen literally thousands of NEIPAs released. 

When is it best to drink a Hazy Pale Ale?

Any time you would be reaching for a Pale Ale, you could just as easily substitute it for a Hazy Pale Ale, it will be great with Burgers, BBQs, nibbles, on its own or during a sessionable afternoon – especially in warmer weather.

Who should try a Hazy Pale?

It's a very accessible style for anyone looking to expand their beer horizons! If you like our Pale, XPA or IPA, give it a try... especially if you enjoyed our Mosaic IPA, S.M.A.S.H. or Hop The Wall West Coast IPA.

Stargaze marks our 12th speciality beer release, following a Red IPA, gold medal-winning Stout, a Witbier and Hop The Wall this year, in addition to Lager joining its core range and the launch of the GFB brand with an easy-drinking Draught. 


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