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Gluten free beer: Mandarin Rice Lager launched

Gluten free beer: Mandarin Rice Lager launched

We've released our first limited edition beer of 2022 – a Japanese-style Mandarin Rice Lager – our 20th different gluten free beer in cans. 

Following on from a year that saw gold medals for Stout, IPA and Hazy Pale, we've tried to take our Clan on another craft beer sensory journey, pushing the boundaries of gluten free all grain brewing and the Lager style. 

This refreshing Rice Lager (4.4% abv) showcases an unmalted rice backbone, complemented with delicate, balanced millet malts and a hop mix of Talus, Mandarina Bavaria and Motueka, presenting subtle mandarin flavours.  

“Following the success of our core range Lager, launched last year, we wanted to show gluten free beer fans in Australia how versatile craft Lagers can be," said our Founder Richard Jeffares.  

“We have GFB Draught for those who just want a classic Aussie-style Lager; our core range Lager for something a little more complex, and now – for a short time only – a beer that really pushes Lager boundaries.” 

“For many years, gluten free brewers conformed to traditional style beers. We’ve done that too – with our own twists – but now we can really explore the possibilities with gluten free malts.” 

“Many brewers outside of the gluten free beer world also use rice in lagers to achieve a pale colour and light body that makes the style so refreshing, but what often misleads people is that a ‘rice-based’ beer can still be made with some malted barley (not gluten free) – and most are, including Corona, Budweiser, Sapporo, Kirin and Asahi. 

“For us, it’s about educating the world around which beers are safe for those with gluten intolerances, at same time as demonstrating how great gluten free beer can be.” 

Mandarin Rice Lager will be available on independent bottle shop shelves later in March, with the new release also headlining ‘Free The Taps’, an Australia-wide gluten free tap takeover in 10 venues to raise awareness around Coeliac Disease and great gluten free beer! 


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