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Gluten free beer takeovers across Australia

Gluten free beer takeovers across Australia

TWØBAYS gluten free beer goes on the road again, pouring across Australia for Coeliac Awareness Week.
Following Australian-first gluten free beer tap takeovers in 2021, we're back on the road, pouring at 10 venues across Australia this March to support Coeliac Australia in driving awareness around gluten intolerances. 
This year three Tasmanian venues have stepped up in Hobart, Launceston and Devonport, and we're taking on the capital, with Canberra locals looking forward to the city’s first ever gluten free beer tap takeover. 
Coeliac Awareness Week runs from 13-20 March every year, but some venues across Australia will be pouring award winning gluten free beers – of which many have never left our taproom – from Saturday 12th. 
BRISBANE | Brewski Bar (From 19th March)
SYDNEY | Hotel Sweeney's  (From 18th March)
CANBERRA | Dickson Taphouse  (From 12th March)
MELBOURNE | Miss Moses  (From 12th March)
MELBOURNE | The Victoria Hotel Footscray  (From 12th March)
ADELAIDE | The Duke of Brunswick  (From 12th March)
PERTH | The Petition Beer Corner  (From 14th March)
HOBART | Crescent Hotel  (From 12th March)
LAUNCESTON | Saint John Craft Beer Bar  (From 12th March)
DEVONPORT | Empress Craft Beer  (From 12th March)
“We obviously do a lot of beer events, and it was certainly one of the most successful ones,” Brewski co-owner Antoinette Pollock told Brews News last year. 
“We really wanted to support it, we knew TWØBAYS did great beers so we weren’t concerned about putting them on our taps, it’s a quality product.” 
Pollock said 90 per cent of people there were gluten-intolerant or coeliacs. 
“It was massive – we certainly had a percentage of Brewski typicals for a few other taps we had, but the majority of people were there because of gluten-free beers and a substantial gluten-free menu as well.”  
Some of these venues have supported us since the beginning – and others are pouring our beer for the first time,” said TWØBAYS Founder Richard Jeffares, who was inspired to open the gluten free brewery after being diagnosed with Coeliac Disease in 2015. 
Similar to ‘Good Beer Week’ for those who avoid gluten in their diet, a venue in every state capital will be pouring at least three different TWØBAYS gluten free beers on at one time (up to six through the week at some venues) – including our new limited edition release Mandarin Rice Lager – for the duration of Coeliac Awareness week, so that friends and family can explore craft beer regardless of gluten intolerances.  
Sweeney’s in Sydney will put 12 different TWØBAYS beers on tap to round out the week on Friday 18th March, while the Duke of Brunswick and The Crescent will have nine different beers, and Brewski, Dickson Taphouse and Petition will have six. 
And all these venues are ensuring their gluten free customers have the full craft beer experience, with expansive gluten free food offerings.  
“We’ve partnered with these venues because we don’t think it’s fair for people to miss out,” said Jeffares.  
“Sampling a brewery’s range is something I’ve really missed since I was diagnosed six years ago.”  
“Along with comparing notes, flavours and aromas, and just having a great time over quality beer – that’s what it’s all about. So we’ve asked these great venues to ‘Free The Taps’. We hope people will get around anyone they know that avoids gluten this Coeliac Awareness Week and get people talking about it. These people no longer have to miss out – they can drink great beer like everyone else!”  
Venues will either be serving TWØBAYS gold medal-winning Pale Ale, XPA or IPA alongside Mandarin Rice Lager and other limited-edition beers that can normally only be sampled in the Victorian brewery’s Taproom. 
Most of the venues have taken a keg of Margarita Sour – the collaboration beer TWØBAYS brewed with Aussie Olympian Long Jumper Brooke Stratton. 
“For me, it’s about those who avoid gluten being able to join in supporting their local and exploring different styles and tasting amazing flavours,” added Richard Jeffares.   
“We’re pushing the gluten free beer boundaries in Australia – this is the third time we’ve run interstate tap takeovers, but the first time we’ve had beers flowing in the capital as well.” 
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