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Award winning Gluten Free Beer

Gluten Free Beer the winner at Australian Awards for International Beers

GFB Draught and Pulp Fusion Passionfruit Sour were lauded our fifth and sixth gold medal-winning gluten free beers at the Australian International Beer Awards last night, joining Pale Ale, IPA, No Doubt Stout and Stargaze Hazy Pale which have all won gold over the last two years.

Session Ale also medalled with a bronze, in addition to No Doubt Stout and IPA which picked up silver medals; proving the consistently high standards our brew team continue to hit.

"Beer medals are not easy to win," said founder Richard Jeffares who opened TWØBAYS in 2018.

"And now we've won 28 of them across five major ceremonies. It's not a case of first-second-third; the beers are judged by experts on their appearance, aroma, flavour, body and technical quality against the attributes of a traditional style. For some of the beers we are brewing, there is not much of a 'traditional style' in the Australian gluten free beer world, but it's great for us to get feedback so that we can continue to make the beers better where possible."

Thanks to the support of our loyal following, and our awesome Brew Team Kristian, Ajay and Erin, we are able to continue pushing the boundaries of gluten free beer, safe in the knowledge that the Australian gluten free community can now choose from a wide range of award-winning beers for any occasion.

Pulp Fusion Passionfruit Sour was the first sour beer we released – and Australia's first gluten free sour beer in cans – for Summer 2020/21. 

“Pulp Fusion is a beer that shows the diversity of what we’re able to do with gluten free grains,” says TWØBAYS head brewer Kristian Martin.

"It’s a kettle sour that was brewed with German-style yeast strain, similar to a Berliner Weisse, but ultimately this beer was about showcasing the diversity of gluten free malts more than brewing a classic style.  

“We use real passion fruit pulp and we’re really pleased with the big fruitful flavours in the beer – it’s great to be able to offer the gluten free community a style of beer that they would not have otherwise had a chance to try.” 

GFB Draught is the easy-drinking Aussie-style flagship beer that launched our second brand GFB in September 2021. The judges commented that the beer was "clean" and "vibrant", with "great body" and "good foam". 

"Never in my wildest dreams did I think GFB would win a gold medal less than a year after its release at such a prestigious event," added Richard.

"We're also super stoked to add more medals with Pulp Fusion, IPA and No Doubt Stout all winning – and Session Ale is a really important (and really tasty) beer for us to be able to offer so I'm delighted it has its first medal."

2022 AIBA Award Winners to Choose From!

GFB Draught

Our easy-drinking Aussie-style draught won a Gold medal last night! Grab a six pack or a slab to celebrate – check the beer finder or order online!

Pulp Fusion

Bringing back memories of Summer 20/21, Pulp Fusion Passionfruit Sour has now added AIBA gold to its Royal Queensland Silver – grab a schooner at our Taproom!

No Doubt Stout

This sweet stout has added an AIBA Silver to its stash – jump online to order or find at your local bottle shop. If they’re not stocking it, demand your right to great stout!


Consistently performing out of its skin, our core IPA has now added AIBA silver to Indies 2021 Gold and three bronze medals… it just keeps getting better!

Session Ale

A debut medal for the last addition to our Core Range after its release in November… Tasty, easy-drinking and very Sessionable!


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