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    October 14, 2020

    Why we love having 9 gluten free beers pouring at our craft beer taproom

    And to match the best gluten free beer, TWØBAYS wood-fires gluten free pizzas so that friends and families can safely enjoy a good session at the craft beer taproom. With gluten free beer delivery and stockists nationwide, TWØBAYS is growing fast, but the Taproom will always be the heartbeat of the business. It’s where we get to share a beer with our customers. That’s why we had to have a taproom. 
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  • Why 10 taps across the country are already pouring Australia’s best gluten free beer
    September 6, 2020

    Why 10 taps across the country are already pouring Australia’s best gluten free beer

    There are a growing number of venues that recognise the value of having a gluten free beer on tap. Not only does it mean they can cater to a growing gluten free customer base, but gluten free beer fans are taking their friends along because it means they can all share a beer. The venues are even getting great feedback from beer drinkers who don’t have to avoid gluten!
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  • TwoBays Brewing Co's Red Ale Red Rocks The Ultimate Gluten Free Beer Experience
    August 22, 2020


    Available online for home delivery nowSoon to be available in selected independent retailers Australia's First Gluten Free Red Ale on shelves We set yet another milestone in our craft beer journey this week when we released Australia's first Gluten Free Red Ale! Our latest...

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  • The Rise of Gluten Free Beer: Why Twobays Brewing Co is Leading the Way
    August 6, 2020

    2.5 million Aussies avoid gluten – why TWØBAYS is the best gluten free beer

    The first thing you get told when you’re diagnosed with a gluten intolerance such as Coeliac Disease is ‘you can’t eat bread or beer’.

    At least that’s what the doctor said to TWØBAYS Brewing Co owner Richard Jeffares in 2015.

    “My life is over,” Richard told his wife.

    Then he started researching gluten free beer, barley free beer and wheat free beer. His research took him on a road trip around America to visit numerous gluten free breweries and gluten free beer taproom facilities.

    America and Canada are way ahead in the gluten free beer game, and TWØBAYS now has exclusivity over the import of gluten free malts into Australia and New Zealand, as nobody is commercially malting grains here.

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